Steve Voorhies

Steve Voorhies has appeared in Northwest Arkansas Gridirons since the show was created in 1978. He reprises the role of Dr. Red Neck each year to provide timely medical observations, advice and dissent. More recently, he also has taken on the recurring role of the loquacious Elmer Stufflebeam. He doesn’t miss a chance to sing … More Steve Voorhies

Casting Call

The Northwest Arkansas Gridiron Show will hold casting calls for professional journalists, journalism students, communication professionals, and teachers and professors of journalism who are interested in helping raise money used for scholarships and defending the Freedom of Information Act. The casting calls will be at: 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 23, at the Arkansas Union Theatre … More Casting Call

Past Seasons

The Northwest Arkansas Gridiron began in 1978. It continued for 13 years before going into hiatus for 14 years and was revived in 2004. Follow the links below for material from any of the seasons. 2016 Season — Make Gridiron Grate Again Program – Photos – Video – Cast 2015 Season — Umpteen Candidates and Counting … More Past Seasons