In Memoriam

We, the present cast and crew of the Northwest Arkansas Gridiron, recall with fond hearts the people who shared the Gridiron stage and are no longer with us: Guy Barnes — 1978–1989 shows Hailey Bonnell — 2004–2005 shows Mike Brown — 1979–1981 shows Dick Clohecy — 1978–1979 shows Norma Conner — 1982–1983 shows Jennifer Cox … More In Memoriam

2020 Presidential Bracket

The number of people who have said that they are considering running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020 only leaves three or four dozen voters in America to cast the deciding ballots. Ergo, anyone who votes in the Democratic primaries should be declared a superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention. Too bad, the Democrats … More 2020 Presidential Bracket

Gridiron Emcees

Each year, the Northwest Arkansas Gridiron invites a civic leader of some stature to become a piñata temporarily, or as we like to call them our emcee. They have ranged from politicians who already held office to university faculty who already held tenure to journalists who already had turned in their stories for the day. … More Gridiron Emcees

2018 Cast and Crew

The cast and the crew of the 2017 NWA Gridiron are journalists who work at regional publications, broadcast outlets and public relations agencies as well as faculty and students from the School of Journalism and Strategic Media at the University of Arkansas. Full Cast and Crew Emcee – Steve Clark, president, Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce Writers – … More 2018 Cast and Crew

2018 Program

The year of #MeToo brought women to the fore, naming names, setting agendas and running for office. Act 1 “It’s a Beautiful Job” ♫ Won’t you be my reporter Journalists in the White House briefing room learn that the replacement for Sarah Huckabee Sanders is none other than Mr. Rogers. Reporters — Brenda Blagg, Alex … More 2018 Program

Obituary for Sally Wampler

Sally Woodhouse Wampler, who performed in the Northwest Arkansas Gridiron Show from 1985 to 1989, died August 1, 2018, at Willard Walker Hospice House. She was 84. Sally was born October 18, 1933, the daughter of Carl and Yolande Woodhouse in Long Beach, California. One of her best sketches in the Gridiron Show involved an … More Obituary for Sally Wampler