Mayor Greg Hines to Emcee 2017 Show

With a show geared toward poking fun at local politics, it seemed fitting to find a politician as the host. When the Gridironers gave Rogers Mayor Greg Hines a call, he recalled the invitation feeling like a trap, and he tweeted the following:

Screenshot of a tweet from Mayor Greg Hines

Greg has been a fan of the show, and sometimes a subject, but he was happy to play along this year.

“I’d always feel my ears burning during the show, so I’d figured I may as well join them. With a politician and a show full of FAKE NEWS media, it’s a miracle anyone even shows up.”

He didn’t waste any time poking his own fun at last year’s host, Kent Eikenberry, president and CEO of the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank.

Screenshot of a tweet by Greg Hines.

Greg has been mayor of Rogers since 2011 and was re-elected to a second term in 2016. At the end of it all, Mayor Hines says there’s plenty of time to counteract the damage.

Photo of friends of Greg Hines toasting his role as emcee for the 2017 Gridiron.
Fans of Rogers Mayor Greg Hines toast his imminent demise at the hands of Gridiron “actors,” or are those members of the City Council?

“Even if I’m a total flop, there’s still another three years until people can get rid of me.”

That’s the spirit. And speaking of spirits, we couldn’t help but notice that lots of other patrons at Hines’ emcee announcement soiree were toasting his potential flop.

The 2017 Northwest Arkansas Gridiron will be performed Friday and Saturday, Oct. 6-7 at the Arkansas Public Theater, formerly known as the Rogers Little Theater. Doors open at 6:45, and the show starts at 7:30. Tickets go on sale Sept. 1. General admission is $25.