Northwest Arkansas Gridiron


The 2022 Northwest Arkansas Gridiron returns Saturday, Nov. 5, at the new Butterfield Trail Village theater.

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The 2022 Gridiron

The performance of the 2022 Northwest Arkansas Gridiron is coming this fall and will make fun of trends, trivia and tribulations — if that’s not redundant — as well as such silliness as the Oscar for Best Actor in a Slap-Happy Role, the Emmy for Loudest Tik-Tok Impersonator and the Tony for Finest Supporting Leader, which may have to go to Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

To get prepped, listen to the last year’s Old-Time Gridiron Radio Hour, er, podcast, performed live in the studios of the Sue Walk Burnett Center for Journalism and Student Media on the University of Arkansas campus. Your imagination will have to supply the costumes.


In 2010, when the Tea Party was riding high on something, the Gridiron writers turned to the most famous name in television comedy, I Love Lucy, to sell whatever elixir was brewing.

Sara Sullivan
plays Lucille McGillicuddy, a character made famous by Lucille Ball, and Sullivan plays her to a tea, er, tee.

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