Timely News Update

Timely News Update brings you all the news that is timely and in constant need of updated corrections. Here are your anchors, Norah O’Donnell and Chris Wallace. Cast Timely News UpdateNorah O’Donnell — Stacey RobertsChris Wallace — Dave EdmarkVideo Producers — Stacey Roberts and Dave Edmark Weather ReportCirrus Cloudburst — Brooke McNeeley GalliganVideo Producer — … More Timely News Update

Quarantining With the Stufflebeams

Social distancing comes even to the Arcadian land of our Ozark Gothic, as the Timely News Update country correspondents, Elmer and Letitia Mae Stufflebeam, will attest. Cast Introduction — Ray MinorChris Wallace — Dave EdmarkLetitia Mae Stufflebeam — Brenda BlaggElmer Stufflebeam — Steve VoorhiesVideo Producers — Brenda Blagg and Steve VoorhiesEditor — Andrew Epperson Donate

Ridin’ With Biden

Joe Biden spent months playing coy about who his running mate would be. The Timely News Update anchors Chris Wallace and Norah O’Donnell bring you the reveal at the wheel of that decision. Cast Introduction — Ray MinorChris Wallace — Dave EdmarkNorah O’Donnell — Stacey RobertsKamala Harris — Nikita ReedJoe Biden — Steve VoorhiesVideo Producer … More Ridin’ With Biden

King Trump

Anchor Norah O’Donnell of Timely News Update brings into focus a Donald Trump Rally where the president takes his shot at wooing suburban housewives to vote for him. But some things have changed in four years. … More King Trump

In the Depths of Bethel Heights

Timely News Update brings you breaking news about Bethel Heights and the stink it has raised. Here are Norah O’Donnell and Chris Wallace with the stench from the trench. CAST Introduction — Ray MinorNorah O’Donnell — Stacey RobertsChris Wallace — Dave EdmarkThe Cesspool Serenader — Katherine ShurldsVideo Producer — Frou GallagherEditor — Andrew Epperson Donate

Two Stand-up Guys

After the Black Lives Movement kicked into gear during the summer and protesters began toppling statues, Timely News Update’s crack reporting team went looking for some man-on-the-street interviews. They found the usual suspects. CAST Introduction — Ray MinorChris Wallace — Dave EdmarkNorah O’Donnell — Stacey RobertsColonel Halftrack — Flip PutthoffSenator Halfbright — Charlie AlisonVideo Producer … More Two Stand-up Guys

Michelle Did Survive – 2016

The last sketch of Act 1 of the 2016 Gridiron took the audience to the White House for one last Motown look at the Obama administration. In the finale of the sketch, Michelle Obama, played by Kristin Smith, bids farewell.

BP Oil Spill

From the 2010 Northwest Arkansas Gridiron Show, local journalists wrote and performed this satire of the British Petroleum oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Actors include Brooke McNeely Galligan, Natalia Pizarro, Bailey Elise McBride, Mille Appleton, Sara Sullivan, Katherine Shurlds, Jose Lopez, Brett Bennett, Ray Minor, Debbie Miller, Brenda Blagg, Rusty Garrett, Stacey Roberts, … More BP Oil Spill