World Cup Rodeo – 2010

From the 2010 Northwest Arkansas Gridiron Show, the writers wonder what it would be like to combine a local popular sport, rodeo, with a sport growing in popularity: soccer. The cast includes Jose Lopez, Ray Minor, Charlie Alison, Delcie Kincaid, Brett Bennett, Rusty Turner, Steve Voorhies, Bailey Elise McBride, Justin Stewart, Flip Putthoff, Natalia Pizarro … More World Cup Rodeo – 2010

The Spy Who Came in from the Cove – 2010

After Russian spies were arrested in suburban New Jersey, Gridiron writers imagined where else Russian spies might be hiding, perhaps near Lake Atalanta in Rogers? Jose Lopez, Stacey Roberts and Charlie Alison play wayward Russians aboard a submarine while Sara Sullivan and Ray Minor are the suburban spies who have scoped out the local Walmart.

Justice Sotomayor – 2009

In the 2009 Northwest Arkansas Gridiron Show, Katherine Shurlds uses just a hint of Latino flavor to play the newly welcomed Supreme Court justice, Sonia Sotomayor. The high court includes Steve Voorhies, Dave Edmark, Rusty Turner, Natalia Pizarro and Flip Putthoff.

Surgeon General Neck – 2008

Shortly before the presidential election in November 2008, Dr. Red Neck decided to campaign for surgeon general. Red Neck, a recurring character at the Northwest Arkansas Gridiron Show, was running on a platform of ending childhood obesity with a program he named the Childhood Overweight Reduction System, or ChOReS, for short.

McCain, Obama – 2008

In 2008, during the heat of the campaign for president, Gridiron looped the race into the musical Mamma Mia, letting a mother and daughter ponder whether John McCain or Barack Obama would be better for their future. The candidates offer their unguarded assessments of themselves.

A Clinton/Obama Ticket? – 2007

During the 2017 Gridiron, long before the primaries of 2008, Hillary Clinton’s polling numbers were well above those of a young senator named Barack Obama, and Gridiron writers imagined what might happen if a dream ticket were put together. Hillary Clinton is played by Katherine Shurlds, and Barack Obama is played by Justin Stewart.

The University – 2006

As a part of Gridiron TV Land in the 2006 show, two UA administrators sing about some good things that have been going on. Kyle Kellams plays emcee Sheriff Andy Taylor; Lauren Whalen and Sarah Warnock are the singing administrators.