Gridiron Emcees

Each year, the Northwest Arkansas Gridiron invites a civic leader of some stature to become a piñata temporarily, or as we like to call them our emcee. They have ranged from politicians who already held office to university faculty who already held tenure to journalists who already had turned in their stories for the day. … More Gridiron Emcees

Obituary for Boyce Davis

Boyce Ray Davis, who was emcee for the 1990 Northwest Arkansas Gridiron, died Jan. 5, 2017, at Fayetteville. He was 78 Davis was a resident of Lincoln, where he practiced law for 40 year and published the Lincoln Leader. He was born May 29, 1938 in Prairie Grove, the son of Oliver Ray and Beulah … More Obituary for Boyce Davis