In Memoriam

We, the present cast and crew of the Northwest Arkansas Gridiron, recall with fond hearts the people who shared the Gridiron stage and are no longer with us: Guy Barnes — 1978–1989 shows Brenda Blagg — 1978-2021 shows Hailey Bonnell — 2004–2005 shows Mike Brown — 1979–1981 shows Dick Clohecy — 1978–1979 shows Norma Conner … More In Memoriam

Gridiron Emcees

Each year, the Northwest Arkansas Gridiron invites a civic leader of some stature to become a piñata temporarily, or as we like to call them our emcee. They have ranged from politicians who already held office to university faculty who already held tenure to journalists who already had turned in their stories for the day. … More Gridiron Emcees

Obituary for Mike Gauldin

Mike Gauldin, a University of Arkansas alumnus who served as press secretary to then-Gov. Bill Clinton and later as director of communications for the U.S. Departments of Energy and Interior during the Clinton presidential administration, died July 22, 2010, at his home in Burke, Virginia, after a two-year struggle with brain cancer. When he first … More Obituary for Mike Gauldin

2005 Cast

Steering Committee — Charlie Alison, Brett Bennett, Brenda Blagg, Donna Lonchar, Denise Malan, Debbie Miller, Michelle Parks, Flip Putthoff, Katherine Shurlds, Jeff Smith, Beckie Tyson and Sarah Warnock Emcee — Dan Ferritor Pianist — Emily Kaitz Cover Designer — Dusty Higgins, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette CAST Arkansas Democrat-Gazette — Sharon Crawford, Michelle Parks and Stacey Roberts Arkansas … More 2005 Cast

1988 Cast and Crew

Emcee — Michael Gauldin Piano — Chris Krueger The Band — Mike Matthews and Bill Lonon Cast Benton County Daily Record — Ron Wood Fayetteville Open Channel — Katherine Shurlds KFSM-TV — Brian Shipman and Steve Voorhies KURM-AM — Michell Key Madison County Record — Sally Wampler Northwest Arkansas Times — Rusty Garrett Springdale News … More 1988 Cast and Crew

That’ll Be the Day – 1986

In 1986, rumors abounded that Arkansas’s titan of finance, Jack Stephens, might be considering a run for the U.S. Senate. Gridiron couldn’t help wonder what was holding him back. As part of the Hit Parade, Mike Gauldin takes the role of Jack Stephens to explain, ably backed by Lisa Neal and Terri Phelan.

1986 Cast and Crew

Steering Committee — Charlie Alison, Brenda Blagg, Dave Edmark, Rusty Garrett, Michael Gauldin, Larry Miller, Dan Mouritsen, Katherine Shurlds, Steve Voorhies and Gary Weidner Emcee — David McWethy Piano — Chris Krueger Drums — Bruce Cook, Northwest Arkansas Times Bass — Mike Matthews, Northwest Arkansas Times Cast Springdale News — Guy Barnes, Brenda Blagg, Kristen … More 1986 Cast and Crew

1985 Cast and Crew

Steering Committee — Brenda Blagg, Dave Edmark, Mike Gauldin, Patricia May, Dan Mouritsen, Beth Rhodes and Katherine Shurlds Emcee — Peggy Treiber, Arkansas Gazette Piano — Chris Krueger, Washington Regional Medical Center Cast Springdale News — Guy Barnes, Brenda Blagg, Dave Edmark, Patricia May, Lisa Neal and Julie Rogers UA News Bureau — Bill Bowden, … More 1985 Cast and Crew