Steve Voorhies

Steve Voorhies has appeared in Northwest Arkansas Gridirons since the show was created in 1978. He reprises the role of Dr. Red Neck each year to provide timely medical observations, advice and dissent. More recently, he also has taken on the recurring role of the loquacious Elmer Stufflebeam. He doesn’t miss a chance to sing … More Steve Voorhies

Julia Trupp

Julia Trupp joined Gridiron in 2015 and played characters ranging from a Twilight Zone citizen to a Trump wife in the Grease-themed finale. Her luck with Trump association didn’t get any better as the next year she played someone even closer to The Donald, his daughter Ivanka (but then helped blow Fox News out of … More Julia Trupp

Charlie Alison

Charlie Alison was a sophomore in college when local journalists staged the first Gridiron show in 1978. Because he looked like a sophomore in high school, he was cast to play the baby-faced Arkansas attorney general who was then running for governor: Bill Clinton. He worked for The Springdale News and its successor names for … More Charlie Alison

Flip Putthoff

Flip Putthoff started performing with Gridiron in 2004, the first year the show came back from a 14-year break. Flip is the outdoors reporter at the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, where he goes fishing in other people’s boats and writes about it. He is also on the newspaper’s photography staff. He has worked at the paper … More Flip Putthoff

Rusty Turner

Rusty Turner was talked into joining the Gridiron cast when it returned from hiatus in 2004 with the promise that he’d only be asked to “sing just one song.” Yeah, right. He’s been in the show ever since, contributing as an actor, singer, writer and stage director. Notice that “dancer” is not mentioned on that … More Rusty Turner

Dave Edmark

A perennial star as an anchor for the Timely News Update, Dave Edmark played such political luminaries as Bernie Sanders and Tim Kaine in the 2016 Gridiron. In the 1980s, Dave sang a show-stopper as former Arkansas Gov. Frank White, taking Fats Domino’s “Blueberry Hill” and singing of his gubernatorial success against a very young … More Dave Edmark