Julia Trupp


Julia Trupp joined Gridiron in 2015 and played characters ranging from a Twilight Zone citizen to a Trump wife in the Grease-themed finale. Her luck with Trump association didn’t get any better as the next year she played someone even closer to The Donald, his daughter Ivanka (but then helped blow Fox News out of the water with a sassy song about what it was like working as a woman for the news station).

Trupp will graduate in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and journalism with a minor in theater. When she isn’t cruising through her senior year or working at the campus newspaper The Arkansas Traveler, you can find her performing improv comedy with three improv groups around Fayetteville or brewing coffee at Starbucks.

Julia Trupp, far left, played one of the gold-clad wives of Donald Trump in the 2015 Gridrion.