2006 Cast

Emcee – Shirley Borhauer of Bella Vista, state representative, Dist. 98 Steering Committee – Charlie Alison, Brett Bennett, Brenda Blagg, Dave Edmark, Lana Flowers, Kevin Kinder, John Krupa, Jose Lopez, Debbie Miller, Carolyne Park, Kim Martin, Michelle Parks, Flip Putthoff, Scott Shackleford, Katherine Shurlds, Sarah Sparkman, Steve Voorhies, Sarah Warnock and Laurie Whalen. Pianist: Emily Kaitz Cover … More 2006 Cast

2006 Program

The 2006 Gridiron . Act 1 “Gittin’ Down at Git-Mo” ♫ How to torture a journalist Jailbird journalists and their keepers “What Not to Warehouse” Smiley undergoes an extreme makeover Stacey, Clinton (not that one), Leslie Dach, the fixers and the icons “’Lost’ in Northwest Arkansas” ♫ Ya gotta have heart — and at least … More 2006 Program

The University – 2006

As a part of Gridiron TV Land in the 2006 show, two UA administrators sing about some good things that have been going on. Kyle Kellams plays emcee Sheriff Andy Taylor; Lauren Whalen and Sarah Warnock are the singing administrators.