2006 Program

The 2006 Gridiron .

Act 1

“Gittin’ Down at Git-Mo” ♫
How to torture a journalist

Jailbird journalists and their keepers

“What Not to Warehouse”
Smiley undergoes an extreme makeover

Stacey, Clinton (not that one), Leslie Dach, the fixers and the icons

“’Lost’ in Northwest Arkansas” ♫
Ya gotta have heart — and at least a 13-vote margin

Mayor Van Hoose, Gayle Gardner and the players

“The View”
Rosie’s “hot topic” is politics

Rosie, Condi, Hillary and Laura

“Pain at the Pump” ♫
Get ready for post-election prices

The Pump Boys (and Girls)

“Celebrity Poker Throwdown”
The chips are down in Northwest Arkansas

Jim Parsons, Paula Marinoni, Bella Vista POA Manager Tommy Bailey, Bentonville Mayor Terry Coberly, Springdale Mayor Jerre Van Hoose, Fayetteville Mayor Dan Coody, and the dealmaker

“Laugh-In with the Barbers”
Smile, Mr. Trammel!

Brandon, Seth, the Rev. Mr. Floyd, the revered Mr. Trammel and the party goers

“The Sky is Falling”
We have nothing to fear but TV News

Matt, Leslee, Brit and their sources

“The George Bush Follies: A Presidency in Revue” ♫
Back to being addled again

The Follies Girls, Rummy, Cheyne, Laura, Cindy, Tony, Vladimir, Angie, “Elvis,” Osama, the Ghost Singers and, yes, that’s W


Act 2

“Timely News Update”
Your trusted source for nothing about Tom Cruise!

Bob Sleeper, Katie Crackup, Natalia and Dr. Neck

“Condo Condo Condo”♫
Living high, building high buildings

Carmen Miranda and the Mambo Maidens, and the condo builders

“Mate Swap”
Really, though, they’re pretty interchangeable

Asa!, Beebe? Halter$ & Holt%

“Pardon Me, Mr. Huckabee”♫
Sympathy for the rebel

Gov. Slim and the antique rocker, Brantley and the reporters

“Ann Coulter’s Vision of Loveliness”
The pugilistic pundit tells what this woman wants


“Pirates of the Core Curriculum”
The superintendents raid Ed Man’s Chest

Captain Jim Rollins, First Mate Gary Compton, Cabin Boy Bobby New, “Laddie” Darr, the three R’s and the little lost boy

“A Talk with Mitch”♫
Houston solves a problem

The coach and the quarterback

“Elmer at the Border”
Keeping America safe — and quiet

Elmer and Tia Lupe

“Gridiron TV Land”♫
You’ll want to sing along! Please don’t

Sheriff Andy, The Bentonville Hillbillies, Johnny Tyson, The Duggar Bunch, the University Family, the adopted and their parents, Lavern and Shirley, and the rest of the inky wretches

“Now It’s Over”♫
And not a minute too soon

The paroled, the pardoned and the press