2020 Cast and Crew

The cast and the crew of the 2020 NWA Gridiron are journalists who work at regional publications, broadcast outlets and public relations agencies as well as faculty and students from the School of Journalism and Strategic Media at the University of Arkansas. Full Cast and Crew Writers – Charlie Alison, Brenda Blagg, Vivian Cummings, Dave … More 2020 Cast and Crew

2018 Program

The year of #MeToo brought women to the fore, naming names, setting agendas and running for office. Act 1 “It’s a Beautiful Job” ♫ Won’t you be my reporter Journalists in the White House briefing room learn that the replacement for Sarah Huckabee Sanders is none other than Mr. Rogers. Reporters — Brenda Blagg, Alex … More 2018 Program

2017 Program

With White House mini-scandals arriving on a daily basis, Gridiron writers often had to look away from the national dumpster fire to find funny ideas from what seem relatively sane politics and cultural shifts of the state and regional level. Act 1 “Translating Trump’s Tweets” ♫ It takes a village of reporters Journalists at The … More 2017 Program

2016 Program

With a national election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the program for the 2016 show should have been easy to write. But as they say, how do you satirize satire. Act 1 “Will Write for Practically Nothing” ♫ Journalists get an obscure visitor Journalists stage a sit-in for higher wages, but their protest is … More 2016 Program

2014 Program

The notoriety of a family that makes duck calls for a “reality” show reached celebrity status this year, and it only made sense to tackle the quacks. … More 2014 Program

2013 Program

Occurring in an off-year for elections, the 2013 Gridiron delved into state and local issues, from corruption by a Democratic state official to new legislation put forward by the Republican legislature. Act 1 “Up, Up and You’re Outta Here” ♫ The Man of Steel gets bent out of shape Clark Kent – Joel Walsh/Tony Hernandez … More 2013 Program

2007 Program

With a national election only a year off, the presidential contenders are lining up. But there’s plenty of shenanigans happening outside the lines. Act 1 “The Blog Must Go On” Too bad your Blackberry’s don’t work in here! Blogger – Debbie Miller (voice: Laurie Whalen) Singer – Hillary Alley Elmer – Rusty Garrett “Oops, You … More 2007 Program

2006 Program

The 2006 Gridiron . Act 1 “Gittin’ Down at Git-Mo” ♫ How to torture a journalist Jailbird journalists and their keepers “What Not to Warehouse” Smiley undergoes an extreme makeover Stacey, Clinton (not that one), Leslie Dach, the fixers and the icons “’Lost’ in Northwest Arkansas” ♫ Ya gotta have heart — and at least … More 2006 Program

2004 Program

After a 13-year hiatus, the Northwest Arkansas Gridiron returns to the stage. Break a leg. Act 1 “Alice in Gridironland” Back in business — funny business, that is The old folks and the underworld “Another Gridiron, Another Show” ♫ Singing and dancing, sort of The weapons of mirth depiction “Cheaper by the Dozen and a Quarter” ♫ … More 2004 Program