2014 Program

The notoriety of a family that makes duck calls for a “reality” show reached celebrity status this year, and it only made sense to tackle the quacks.

Act 1


“Yucks Dynasty” ♫
The blind leading the duck blind

Willie – Charlie Alison
Jase – Joel Walsh
Cy – Flip Putthoff
Lawyers – Sarah Warnock, Katherine Shurlds, Kevin Kinder
Quacks and Hacks – The rest of the cast

“Traffic Circle School”
Full speed around

Teacher – Vivian Cummings
Old Man – Steve Voorhies
Soccer Mom – Amanda Simmons
Bella Vista Lady – Brenda Blagg
Young Man – DeShaun Artis

“Things Go Better with Koch” ♫
If you’re a Fat Cat

Charles Koch – Ray Minor
David Koch – Kevin Kinder
Fat Cats – Justin Stewart, Rusty Turner, Sarah Warnock, Katherine Shurlds, Zessna Garcia, William Bowden, Rebecca Soard, Antoinette Grajeda, Cassandra Schirm, Murriel Wiley, Tyla Gibson

“Field of Schemes”
It’s the new and improved (old) Springale

Doug Sprouse – Steve Voorhies
Kathy Jaycox – Jeannette Bridoux
Lee Zachary – Wayne Tomlinson
Shorty Parsons – Charlie Alison
Roy Ritter – Dave Edmark
Don Tyson – Flip Putthoff

“Sarah Palin’s View”
Politics makes strange webfellows

Sarah Palin – Stacey Roberts
Elizabeth Warren – Rebecca Soard
Ann Coulter – Vivian Cummings
Wendy Davis – Jocelyn Murphy
Rachel Maddow – Sarah Warnock

“Wake Up, John Boehner”
The greatest generation; the worstest care

Veterans Affairs Hospital Clerk – Debbie Miller
Vet – Charlie Alison
Waiting Vet – Wayne Thomlinson

“Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me” ♫
Maybe she will, maybe she won’t

Hillary Clinton – Katherine Shurlds

“Preventing Labor Problems at Hobby Lobby”
Crafting a family planning solution

Employees – Samantha Baker and Erin Spandorf
HR Manager – William Bowden

“The Fun Ends” ♫
Mark Darr: No car

Fellow Republicans – Rusty Turner, Steve Voorhies, Ray Minor
More Republicans – Dave Edmark, Kevin Kinder, Joel Walsh

“Gone Fishing”
Who ya’ gonna call?

Clara – Debbie Miller
Clem – Flip Putthoff
Dispatcher – Murriel Wiley

“Noisy Boys” ♫
We’re glad there aren’t Four (political) Seasons!

Davy Carter – Steve Voorhies
Michah Neal – Flip Putthoff
David Sanders – William Bowden
Charlie Collins – Charlie Alison

Jason Rapert – Rusty Turner
Tea Party Men – “Sarge” Warnock, “Sam” Baker, “Brock” Galligan
Charles Koch – Ray Minor
David Koch – Kevin Kinder
Tom Cotton – Joel Walsh
Mrs. Cotton – Antoinette Grajeda

Leslie Rutledge – Jeannette Bridoux
Sue Scott – Rebecca Soard
Missy Irvin – Stacey Roberts
Debra Hobbs – Cassidy Hodges

Greg Leding – Dave Edmark
Mike Ross – Wayne Tomlinson
Democrats – DeShaun Artis, Zessna Garcia, Katherine Shurlds, DeMarius Davis

We the People – Justin Stewart, Erin Spandorf, Debbie Miller, Vivian Cummings, Channing Barker, Brenda Blagg, Cassandra Schirm, Murriel Wiley, Tyla Gibson, Jocelyn Murphy, Amanda Simmons


Act 2

“Timely News Update”
All the News You Can Use and Some We Can’t Excuse

Craig Cannon – Dave Edmark
Angela Taylor – Channing Barker
Barkley Chandler – Amanda Simmons
Photographer – DeMarius Davis
The Suits – William Bowden, DeShaun Artis
Aliens – Debbie Miller, Joel Walsh, Flip Putthoff, Brooke Galligan, Vivian Cummings, Rebecca Soard, Kevin Kinder, Jocelyn Murphy, Sarah Warnock, Antoinette Grajeda
Dr. Red Neck – Steve Voorhies

“Mike Huckabee’s Cosmos”
Intelligent design has no place here

Mike Huckabee – Ray Minor
Neil deGrasse Tyson – Justin Stewart
Rush Limbaugh – Flip Putthoff

“At the Flagship U of A” ♫
Shirley Temple explains the mess

Shirley Temple – Erin Spandorf

“Goodbye, Coach … Again”
What Frank remembers and what he’d lie to forget

Coach Frank Broyles – Rusty Turner
Coach Nolan Richards – DeMarius Davis
Coach John McDonnell – Charlie Alison
Coach Dana Altman – Joel Walsh
Coach Lou Holtz – Kevin Kinder
Coach Bret Bielema – Flip Putthoff
Coach Houston Nutt – Ray Minor

“Wife Swap Meet”
Letitia as a political wife

Letitia Mae Stufflebeam – Brenda Blagg
Mike Beebe – Steve Voorhies

“The Natural Food State” ♫
Psst! Over here! Discount quinoa!

Moonbeam – Zessna Garcia
Juniper – Cassidy Hodges
Shoppers – Stacey Roberts, Murriel Wiley, Antoinette Grajeda, Katherine Shurlds, Vivian Cummings

“Arkansas Gay Marriage”
Eureka! We can get married now! Oh, wait…

County Clerk – Debbie Miller
Kristin – Sarah Warnock
Jennifer – Erin Spandorf
Judge Wendell Griffen – DeShaun Artis
Man – Joel Walsh
Woman – Rebecca Soard

“Noah’s Springdale, Ark”
This could be a disaster

Noah – Charlie Alison
Reporter – Brooke Galligan
Photographer – Tyla Gibson

“Chris Christie’s Bridge” ♫
Talk about troubled waters!

Chris Christie – Rusty Turner

“The Fabulous Motown Review Presents the Supremes” ♫
The High Court meets the (high) Godfather of Soul

Announcer – Dave Edmark
James Brown – Justin Stewart

The Fabulous Flames – Murriel Wiley, Tyla Gibson

Chief Justice John Roberts – William Bowden
Justice Samuel Alito – Rusty Turner
Justice Antonin Scalia – Ray Minor
Justice Clarence Thomas – DeMarius Davis
Justice Anthony Kennedy – Kevin Kinder

Justice Stephen Breyer – Steve Voorhies

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Katherine Shurlds
Justice Sonia Sotomayor – Antoinette Grajeda
Justice Elena Kagan – Sarah Warnock

Gangsta – DeShaun Artis

Town Councilwomen – Samantha Baker, Cassidy Hodges, Zessna Garcia

The People: We’re Back – Stacey Roberts, Jocelyn Murphy, Jeannette Bridoux, Joel Walsh, Cassandra Schirm, Rebecca Soard, Amanda Simmons, Brooke Galligan, Erin Spandorf, Charlie Alison, Channing Barker, Brenda Blagg, Vivian Cummings, Debbie Miller, Flip Putthoff, Wayne Tomlinson

“Now It’s Over” ♫
We’re outta here…

The cast