2014 Cast and Crew

Emcee – John Threet

Writers – Charlie Alison, Brenda Blagg, Vivian Cummings, Dave Edmark, Kevin Kinder, Debbie Miller, Ray Minor, Ben Pollock, Flip Putthoff, Katherine Shurlds, Erin Spandorf, Rusty Turner and Steve Voorhies

Production Directors – Katherine Shurlds and Sarah Warnock

Musical Director – Emily Kaitz

Stage Director – Rusty Turner

Assistant Stage Director – Sarah Warnock

Scripts Distribution – Ray Minor

Set Designer – Kent Perrodin

Costume and Prop Designers – Kim Martin, Stacey Roberts, Katherine Shurlds

Lighting/Sound Designer – Kevin Lancaster

Additional Technical – Kim Martin

Playbill Production – Kent Perrodin

Playbill Cover and T-Shirt Designer – Charlie Alison

Publicity – Vivian Cummings, Dave Edmark, Erin Spandorf


Production Stage Manager – Michelle Parks

Sets Manager – Fred Miller

Dressing Rooms – Kim Martin


Food – Carol Barnett and all the ladies of AAUW who baked cookies, made dips, supplied munchies

Program Ad Sales – Mary Alice Serafini, Lindsley Smith, and Wanda Stephens

Sets Painting – Felisha Perrodin, Mary Alice Serafini, Lindsley Smith, Heather Schneller, Carol Barnett, Kent Perrodin

Food Setup and Cleanup – Carol Barnett, Libby Wheeler, Georgia Ross, Heather Schneller


Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce – Rebecca Soard

KNWA – Channing Barker

KUAF – Antoinette Grajeda

NWACC Communications – Debbie Miller

NWA Media, NWA Times, The Springdale/Rogers Morning News – Kevin Kinder, Flip Putthoff, Erin Spandorf, Rusty Turner, Joel Walsh

UA Journalism Faculty – Ray Minor, Katherine Shurlds

UA Journalism Students – DeShaun Artis, William Bowden, Jeannette Bridoux, DeMarius Davis, Zessna Garcia, Tyla Gibson, Jocelyn Murphy, Cassandra Schirm, Amanda Simmons, Wayne Tomlinson, Muriel Wiley

University Relations – Charlie Alison, Steve Voorhies

UA Division of Agriculture – Dave Edmark

Friends of SPJ – Samantha Baker, Brenda Blagg, Vivian Cummings, Brooke McNeely Galligan, Cassidy Hodges, Stacey Roberts, Justin Stewart, Sarah Warnock