2021 Program

In another year of pandemic prognostications, the Gridiron Players put together a podcast for 2021.

Open for Funny Business

“We’re Baaaaack” ♫
With faces perfectly suited for radio

When a big theatre suddenly seems desperately claustrophobic, the Gridiron writers do what they do every year, desperately rewrite the script.

Playing themselves — Charlie Alison, Brenda Blagg, Dave Edmark, Britt Graves, Debbie Miller, Ray Minor, Flip Putthoff, Katherine Shurlds, Rusty Turner, Steve Voorhies
Singers — Greg Harton, Nathan Owens and Julia Trupp
Joiners — The rest of the cast

“A Bridge Sub-Par”♫
Mississippi concerning

Gridiron writers crack wise with transportation lyrics to keep trucker drivers up late at night.

River Balladeers — Britt Graves, Ray Minor, Katherine Shurlds and Rusty Turner

“Destined to Rewrite It”
Don’t like much about history

Those who cancel history are doomed to repeat its successes.

Rep. Mark Lowery — Dave Edmark
Rep. Bobby Jim Dotson — Steve Voorhies
Sen. Bobby Bob Ballinger — Charlie Alison
Ms. Smith — Julia Trupp
Rep. Megan Godfrey — Debbie Miller

“Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs” ♫
And you thought Fayetteville had parking problems

No perk is too small for the bitter coffee of a personal parking space?

Kid Carter — Nathan Owens
Bystanders — Britt Graves and Katherine Shurlds
Judge Brad Karren — Greg Harton
Former Speaker Carter — Ray Minor

“NIL in the SEC”
Fame! I wanna make some money!

It’s OK to market your own image; just avoid using the mark of the beast.

UA Attorney Bill Kincaid — Rusty Turner
UA Attorney Sarah James — Julia Trupp
Athletes’ Attorneys — James Schlecte, Charlie Alison and Alex Golden

“It’s Not Your Daddy’s GOP” ♫
A few strong words from a powerful woman

Reality bites back when surreality comes a knocking at your door.

Liz Cheney — Katherine Shurlds
Backers — Nathan Owens and Flip Putthoff

“Shootout at the AR Corral”
The NRA approved this message

The sights on the rifle may be a little off to the right. No further right.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders — Alex Golden
Your State Attorney General Leslie Rutledge — Julia Trupp
Jim Hendren — Flip Putthoff

“Time-Life Greatest QAnon Hits” ♫
If only we could be anonymous singing them

But wait, there’s more, if you’ve got the Stones to listen.

Announcer — Dave Edmark
The Former Guy — Rusty Turner
Hope Hicks — Alex Golden
Lamenters — Britt Graves, James Schlecte and Katherine Shurlds
Insurrectors — Greg Harton and Ray Minor
Rudy Giuliana — Dave Edmark
Mr. Q — Flip Putthoff
Marjorie Taylor Green — Julia Trupp
Arkansas Legislators — Nathan Owens and Gregg Harton
Anti-vaxxer — Ray Minor
Conspirators — Flip Putthoff and Katherine Shurlds
Bideners — Charlie Alison, Britt Graves, Brenda Blagg and Debbie Miller
President Joe Biden — Steve Voorhies

“Timely News Update”
You were tired of the pictures anyway, weren’t you?

The biggest television screen on the air retools for life without an image.

Steve Inskeep — Dave Edmark
Neda Ulaby — Britt Graves
Dr. Red Neck — Steve Voorhies
Vaxers Pro & Con — Debbie Miller and Fred Miller

“Red Herrings for Everyone!”
Carlson delves into fantasy land

Tucker runs out of bogeymen and turns to fictional characters for his fake outrage.

Tucker Carlson — Ray Minor
Mr. Potato Head — Flip Putthoff
Cat in the Hat — Julia Trupp
Pepé Le Pew — Nathan Owens

“Pandemic Tango” ♫
Dancing around the Delta strain

You, too, should try dancing six feet apart.

Two to Sing Tango — Britt Graves and Rusty Turner

“Capitol Offense”
Insurrection intercourse

The day that a shaman in a furry hat with buffalo horns fought the traitors.

Big-o Barnett — Greg Harton
QAnon Shaman — James Schlecte
George Washington — Charlie Alison

“The Stufflebeams”
He’s there, standing beside her, we swear!

During a year of would haves, should haves and could haves, did anyone win? Well, yes, the women’s teams.

Letitia Mae Stufflebeam — Brenda Blagg
Elmer Stufflebeam — Steve Voorhies

“Georgia’s on his Mind”♫
What’s left of it

The world is a sadder place when GOP state officials won’t lie about elections.

President Trump — Rusty Turner
Trumpsters — Britt Graves and Nathan Owens

“Where Everybody Knows Your Pain” ♫
Cheers! to a future without masks

Now may be the best time to lift a cold mug full of brewed attitude.

Norm — Rusty Turner
Sam — Ray Minor
Carla — Katherine Shurlds
Cliff — Flip Putthoff
Frasier — Greg Harton
Solo Singers — Britt Graves, Julia Trupp, Dave Edmark and Nathan Owens
Barflies — Charlie Alison, Brenda Blagg, Alex Golden, Debbie Miller, Fred Miller, James Schlecte and Steve Voorhies

“Now It’s Over” ♫
We’re outta here …

And not a moment too soon.

The caricatures, collaborators and cast