2021 Cast and Crew

The cast and the crew of the 2021 NWA Gridiron are journalists who work at regional publications, broadcast outlets and public relations agencies as well as faculty and students from the School of Journalism and Strategic Media at the University of Arkansas.

Full Cast and Crew

Writers – Charlie Alison, Brenda Blagg, Vivian Cummings, Dave Edmark, Britt Graves, Debbie Miller, Fred Miller, Ray Minor, Flip Putthoff, Katherine Shurlds, Rusty Turner and Steve Voorhies

Musical Director and Piano – Kristi Peterson

Guitar – Dave Bostwick


Production Stage Manager – Michelle Parks


Design – Charlie Alison


Axios – Alex Golden

Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette – Greg Harton, Nathan Owens, Flip Putthoff and Rusty Turner

U of A Agricultural Communication Services – Fred Miller

U of A Journalism Faculty – Dave Bostwick, Dave Edmark and Rob Wells

University Relations – Charlie Alison

Friends of SPJ – Brenda Blagg, Britt Graves, James Schlecte, Katherine Shurlds, Julia Trupp and Steve Voorhies

Podcast Crew – Heath Anderson, senior producer; Wendy Echeverria, Alexis Campbell, Mary Hennigan, Raegan Holland, and Rick Stockdell, podcast class professor

UATV Technical – Sam Gibby