Gridiron Emcees

Each year, the Northwest Arkansas Gridiron invites a civic leader of some stature to become a piñata temporarily, or as we like to call them our emcee. They have ranged from politicians who already held office to university faculty who already held tenure to journalists who already had turned in their stories for the day. … More Gridiron Emcees

1987 Cast and Crew

Steering Committee — Brenda Blagg, Dave Edmark, Rusty Garrett, Dan Mouritsen, Lisa Neal, Dan O’Mara, Katherine Shurlds, Peter Tooker and Steve Voorhies Cast by Calendar 10 Years — Guy Barnes, Brenda Blagg, Dave Edmark, all of The Springdale News, and Peggy Treiber of the Arkansas Gazette 9 Years — Rusty Garrett of the Northwest Arkansas … More 1987 Cast and Crew