1987 Cast and Crew

Steering Committee — Brenda Blagg, Dave Edmark, Rusty Garrett, Dan Mouritsen, Lisa Neal, Dan O’Mara, Katherine Shurlds, Peter Tooker and Steve Voorhies

Cast by Calendar

10 Years — Guy Barnes, Brenda Blagg, Dave Edmark, all of The Springdale News, and Peggy Treiber of the Arkansas Gazette

9 Years — Rusty Garrett of the Northwest Arkansas Times

8 Years — Dan Mouritsen of KTVP-TV, Katherine Shurlds of Fayetteville Open Channel, and Peter Tooker, freelance

7 Years — Charlie Alison, freelance, and Steve Voorhies of KFSM-TV

6 Years — Sally Wampler of the UA Division of Information, and Jon Wampler of the Northwest Arkansas Times

5 Years — Terri Phelan, friend of SDX

4 Years — Lisa Neal of The Springdale News

3 Years — Margaret Dornaus of the Northwest Arkansas Times, Chris Krueger of Washington Regional Medical Center, Julie Rogers of UA News Service, and Jimmy Stuckey, friend of SDX

2 Years — Josee Desrochers and Geniece Yates of the UA Department of Communication, Bill Lonon and Mike Matthews of the Northwest Arkansas Times, Nese Nemec of Fayetteville Open Channel, Dan O’Mara of The Springdale News, and Gary Weidner of Blackwood/Martin & Associates

First Year — Julie Garland of UA Media Services; David Kienzle of KAMO; Gray Griffin of KFSM-TV; Linda McDonald, friend of SDX; emcee Hoyt Purvis of the Fulbright Institute of International Relations