2004 Program

After a 13-year hiatus, the Northwest Arkansas Gridiron returns to the stage. Break a leg.

Act 1

“Alice in Gridironland”
Back in business — funny business, that is

The old folks and the underworld

“Another Gridiron, Another Show” ♫
Singing and dancing, sort of

The weapons of mirth depiction

“Cheaper by the Dozen and a Quarter” ♫
Will they ever confirm?

Jim Bob and Michelle hear from the kids.

The Duggars,/p>

“Touring the Clinton Library”
CEOs, FOBs and VIPs

Skip, Bill, Al and the Donors

“My Digital Things” ♫
Is that YOUR cell phone ringing?

The new Centurions

“Hillbilly Eye for the Vendor Guy”
Tips for the newcomer

The vendor and the Fab Five

“Information Overload”
Talk about special editions

The readers and the pundit

“Run, Run, Run” ♫
Houston, we have a problem

A few good men and their cheerleaders

“Candidate Roadshow”
Worth their weight in soft money

Janine, Todd and the hopefuls

“Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”
A little second-hand spoof

Larry, Dale, Don, Julie, Karl and the diners

“General Womack”
Leading the charge

The returning mayor

“Look Honey, I Shrunk the Mayor”
No seconds for him

Jim, Rex and the tiny gov

“Survivor: The White House”
Who will be voted off the beltway?

Jane Pauley, Bush and family, Kerry and family, John the Lessor, Howard the Loud, Arnold the Lummox, Cheney the peacemaker, and Nader the Loser-Maker

“Class-Action Women’s Choir” ♫
It keeps growing, and growing, and growing

The singers and the toilers


Act 2

“Timely News Update”
It’s been sold, of course, but it’s still bad.

Craig Cannonball and Deena Daylight, Dan Haggard, the Commentator and the Don

“Who Wants to Win $300 Million”
May I phone-a-Frank?

Regis, Chancellor and the lifelines

“Everything’s Up-to-Date in Benton County”
Paving the way to the 21st century

Pulaski lady and the Chamber of Commerce

“Rev. Ronnie and his Band of Saints” ♫
When Armani Ronnie comes marching in

Ronnie Floyd and the hooters

“Bella Vista CSI”
Clueless in retirement town

Bob Balfe, Andy Lee and his assistant, Mayor Coberly and the corpse

“The Last Undecided Voter”
A couple of Arkansas swingers

Elmer and Letitia Mae Stufflebeam

“White-Haired Devil” ♫
The coach’s lament

Nolan Richardson

“Here in Arkansas”
A difference of opinion

Papa Rap and the kids

“Hillary’s Song” ♫
Don’t cry for me, Arkansas


“Hee-Haw” ♫
Yuckin’ it up with Jim and Huck

Cast, crew and crazies

“Now It’s Over” ♫
We’re outta here…

The whole cast and caboodle