2013 Program

Occurring in an off-year for elections, the 2013 Gridiron delved into state and local issues, from corruption by a Democratic state official to new legislation put forward by the Republican legislature.

Act 1

cover-2013“Up, Up and You’re Outta Here” ♫
The Man of Steel gets bent out of shape

Clark Kent – Joel Walsh/Tony Hernandez
Chief – Cassidy Hodges
Lois Lane – Antoinette Grajeda
The Newsroom – The rest of the cast

“Fayetteville’s Just Yummy, Y’all”
Even a stick of butter can’t save her now

Paula Deen – Gina King
Steve Clark – Flip Putthoff
Kathy Deck – Debbie Miller

“Tom Cotton Won’t Be Easy Pickin’s” ♫
It ain’t your Daddy’s Senate

Mark Pryor – Ray Minor
Backup Belles – Channing Barker, Olivia Jones, Rebecca Soard

“Aboard the Love Boat”
A real get-away cruise

Gopher – Dave Edmark
Captain Sampler – Charlie Alison
Julie – Robyn Ledbetter
Becky Paneitz – Vivian Cummings
Evelyn Jorgenson – Sarah Warnock
Craig Noble – David Speer
Steve Womack – Flip Putthoff
John Boozman – Tony Hernandez

“Leader of the WAC” ♫
Fayetteville folks get AMP-ed up

Peter Lane – Joel Walsh/Steve Voorhies
The AMP-ettes – Cassidy Hodges, Jocelyn Murphy, Katherine Shurlds

“Mad Money”
Mad Ave takes on the You of A

Chancellor Gearhart – Kevin Kinder
Don Pederson – Zeek Martin
Brad Choate – Flip Putthoff
Joy Sharp – Sarah Warnock
Don Draper – Ray Minor
Joan Harris – Stacey Roberts

“Martha’s Pie Shoppe” ♫
Martha likes that secret ingredient

Martha Shoffner
Pie Guy – Debbie Miller
Singer – Tony Hernandez
Pie Dancers – Rusty Turner
Tarts – Channing Barker, Olivia Jones, Jocelyn Murphy, Kayla Paine, Rebecca Soard, Lauren Taylor, Vivian Cummings, Erin Spandorf

“No Place like Home”
Do you have that ankle bracelet in platinum?

Brandon Barber – Kevin Kinder
Honey – Rachel Hill
Ginger – Robyn Ledbetter
Pete – Justin Stewart

“All or Nothing” ♫
The Latina and the Legislator don’t see ay-to-ay

Latina – Antoinette Grajeda/Zessna Garcia
Congressman – Rusty Turner

“W’s President Libury”
You think you coulda done better?

Library Docent
Reporters – Gina King, Ray Minor, Channing Barker, Erin Spandorf
George W. Bush – Charlie Alison
42 – Zeek Martin

“The Heat Goes On” ♫
The First Couple reflects on his second term

Barack Obama – Justin Stewart
Michelle Obama – Cassidy Hodges

“War on Women” ♫
Saving women’s privates

GOPs – Ray Minor, Rusty Turner, David Speer
Soldiers – Cassidy Hodges, Tina Parker, Antoinette Grajeda, Channing Barker
Todd Akin – Flip Putthoff
Paul Ryan – Steve Voorhies
Nancy Pelosi – Stacey Roberts
Wendy Davis – Jocelyn Murphy
Rachel Maddow – Sarah Warnock
Sen. Patty Murray – Olivia Jones
Sen. Barbara Boxer – Rebecca Soard
Hillary Clinton – Katherine Shurlds
The Troops – Robyn Ledbetter, Brenda Blagg, Erin Spandorf, Gina King, Lauren Taylor, Zessna Garcia, Debbie Miller, Vivian Cummings, Rachel Hill, Kayla Paine
The Traitors – Charlie Alison, Tony Hernandez, Kevin Kinder, Zeek Martin, Ben Pollock, Wayne Tomlinson, Joel Walsh, Justin Stewart
Announcer – Dave Edmark


Act 2

“Timely News Update”
All the news that’s hot, a royal interview and some medical stuff

Matt Lauer – Dave Edmark
Savannah Guthrie – Robyn Ledbetter
Al Roker – Justin Stewart
Royal Baby – David Speer
Royal Guard – Ben Pollock
Dr. Red Neck – Steve Voorhies

“The Great Insurer”
Obamacare and the Li’l Tramp

Charlie Chaplin – Charlie Alison
The Blind Girl – Rachel Hill
The legislators – Tony Hernandez, Ben Pollock, Wayne Tomlinson

“Doh! Oil!”
Homer digs up a family fortune

Homer Simpson – Rusty Turner
Marge Simpson – Stacey Roberts
Bart Simpson – Kevin Kinder
lisa Simpson – Erin Spandorf
Exxon Workers – Sarah Warnock, Justin Stewart
Dustin McDaniel – Ray Minor

“The Hungry Candidate” ♫
What does Hillary need to make her decision?

Hillary Clinton – Katherine Shurlds
Alice In Wonderland – Vivian Cummings
Cookie Monster – Flip Putthoff
Professor Dumbledore – Dave Edmark
Poky Little Puppy – Rebecca Soard

“Charlotte’s Hog Farm”
Wilbur doesn’t know what he’s getting into

Farmer – Wayne Tomlinson
Wilbur – Tony Hernandez
Charlotte – Antoinette Grajeda
Protestors – Rachel Hill, Olivia Jones, Jocelyn Murphy, Lauren Taylor

“Getting Away with It All” ♫
How to have your cookie and campaign too

Dustin McDaniel – Ray Minor
Mark Sanford – Joel Walsh/Justin Stewart
Eliot Spitzer – Zeek Martin
Anthony Weiner – Rusty Turner

“A Grace-ful Inquiry”
She may be barking up the wrong tree

Nancy Grace – Gina King
Ron Wooden – Wayne Tomlinson
Asa Hutchinson – David Speer
Lost Woman – Debbie Miller
Jim Parsons – Steve Voorhies
Okie – Flip Putthoff

“Elmer’s on a Mission”
Shhh! It’s a secret

Letitia Mae Stufflebeam – Brenda Blagg
Edward Snowden – Ben Pollock

“That Coach with the B Name”
Was that a Tweet or a twit?

Bret Bielema – Zeek Martin
Jeff Long – David Speer
Aaron Peters – Tony Hernandez
Nate Allen – Ray Minor
Alyssa Orange – Vivian Cummings
Bob Holt – Kevin Kinder
Photographer – Flip Putthoff
Jen Bielema – Channing Barker

“Hillbillies Back in the Hills”
Come and listen to their story

Miss Hathaway – Debbie Miller
Jed – Steve Voorhies
Granny – Sarah Warnock
Jethro – Wayne Tomlinson
Elly Mae – Olivia Jones

“Just in Time” ♫
Chris Christie knows good timing when he sees it

Chris Christie – Rusty Turner

“GOP Hallelujah Chorus” ♫
Arkansas lawmaking on a right wing and a prayer

Preacher – Charlie Alison
GOPs – Rusty Turner, Flip Putthoff, Steve Voorhies, Ray Minor
Democrats – Lauren Taylor, Erin Spandorf, Zeek Martin, Justin Stewart
Mike Beebe – Kevin Kinder
Debra Hobbs – Cassidy Hodges
Jeanne Burlsworth – Stacey Roberts
ACLU members – Jocelyn Murphy, Katherine Shurlds, Antoinette Grajeda, Olivia Jones
Choir Soloist – Robyn Ledbetter
Choir – Dave Edmark, Channing Barker, Brenda Blagg, Vivian Cummings, Zessna Garcia, Tony Hernandez, Rachel Hill, Gina King, Tina Parker, Debbie Miller, Kayla Paine, Rebecca Soard, David Speer, Wayne Tomlinson, Joel Walsh, Sarah Warnock
Trombone – Ben Pollock

“Now It’s Over” ♫
We’re outta here …

The cast