2017 Cast and Crew

The cast and the crew of the 2017 NWA Gridiron are journalists who work at regional publications, broadcast outlets and public relations agencies as well as faculty and students from the School of Journalism and Strategic Media at the University of Arkansas.

Emcee – Rogers Mayor Greg Hines

Writers – Charlie Alison, Brenda Blagg, David Conrads, Vivian Cummings, Dave Edmark, Debbie Miller, Ray Minor, Flip Putthoff, Katherine Shurlds, Erin Spandorf, Rusty Turner, Steve Voorhies and Sarah Warnock

Production Directors – Sarah Warnock, Erin Spandorf and Britt Graves

Musical Director – Emily Kaitz

Stage Director – Rusty Turner

Scripts Distribution – Ray Minor

Set Designer – Kent Perrodin

Costume and Prop Designers – Stacey Roberts, Katherine Shurlds

Make-up – Rachel Marlow

Lighting/Sound Designer – Kevin Lancaster

Playbill Production – Kent Perrodin

Playbill Cover and T-Shirt Designer – Charlie Alison

Publicity – Vivian Cummings, Dave Edmark, Kim Martin, Erin Spandorf


Production Stage Manager – Michelle Parks

Sets Manager – Fred Miller

Set Placement – David Conrads and Debbie Miller


Gridiron Co-chairs – Sarah Thompson and Julie Moody

Set Painting – Kent Perrodin, Felisha Perrodin, Mary Alice Serafini, Randal Dickinson, Erica Estes, Siddha Estes-Beard, Sarah Thompson, Julie Moody, Jerry Moody, Grace Kerr, Lindsley Smith, Diane Warren

Playbill Ad Sales – Lindsley Smith, Wanda Stephens, Sarah Thompson, Felisha Perrodin, Julie Moody, Mary Alice Serafini


KUAF – Antoinette Grajeda

Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette – Flip Putthoff, Rusty Turner

UA Journalism Faculty – Dave Edmark, Delcie Kincaid, Ray Minor, Niketa Reed, Katherine Shurlds

UA Journalism Students – Clarissa Bustamante, Andrea Elvir, Andrew Epperson, Britt Graves, Sarah Van Doorn, Shane White

University Relations – Charlie Alison, Steve Voorhies

Friends of SPJ – Brenda Blagg, DeMarius Davis, Stacey Roberts, Rebecca Soard, Erin Spandorf, Julia Trupp, Sarah Warnock