2007 Program

With a national election only a year off, the presidential contenders are lining up. But there’s plenty of shenanigans happening outside the lines.

Act 1

cover of the 2007 Gridiron Show program“The Blog Must Go On”
Too bad your Blackberry’s don’t work in here!

Blogger – Debbie Miller (voice: Laurie Whalen)
Singer – Hillary Alley
Elmer – Rusty Garrett

“Oops, You Showed Up Again” ♫
Don’t you ever learn?

Singers — Cast
Dancers — Pamela Acosta, Hillary Alley, Jessica Burk, Antoinette Grajeda, Kevin Kinder, Rachel Marlow, Brooke McNeely, Justin Stewart, Steve Schmidt

“Mr. Murdoch Buys the Ozarks”
Extreme takeover

Rupert Murdoch — Dave Edmark
Susan Porter — Gina King
Big-City Reporters — Rusty Turner, Brett Bennett

“Taking Back Dickson Street”
A Festival of Lights (from diamonds)

Bill Underwood — Steve Voorhies
Craig Underwood — Francisco Ayala

“Doing Business in Rogers”
Mayor Womack shows a bit of Fayetteville envy

Steve Womack — Richard Dean Prudenti
Wendy Shumate — Debbie Miller
Jerre Van Hoose — Dave Edmark

“Wal-Mart’s Watching You” ♫
Say hello to Big Greeter

Shopper — Sarah Warnock
Greeter — Kevin Kinder
Associates — Pamela Acosta, Brenda Blagg, Greg Harton, Laurie Whalen
Singer — Rusty Turner
Announcer — Kim Martin

“Where Are They Now?”
The formerly high sheriff takes on a new venture

Andy Lee — Flip Putthoff
Mrs. Semirich — Stacey Roberts
Tim Summers — Richard Massey
Election Commissioner — Antoinette Grajeda

“Global Warming Minuet” ♫
How’s the weather?

Weatherperson — Jessica Burk
Singers — Hillary Alley, Emily Kaitz, Kim Martin, Katherine Shurlds
Whistlers — Richard Massey, Kevin Kinder
Dancers — Pamela Acosta, Charlie Alison, Francisco Ayala, Rachel Marlow, Brooke McNeely, Steve Schmidt, Justin Stewart, Sarah Warnock

“Texas Connection”
Back to the Lonely Star State

Karen Hughes — Gina King
Harriet Miers — Brenda Blagg

“The Hogfather”
An offer he tried to refuse

Don Frank Broyles — Rusty Turner
Houston Nutt — Richard Massey
Gus Malzahn — Brett Bennett
Reggie Herring — Flip Putthoff
Mitch Mustain — Kevin Kinder
Jim Lindsey — Steve Voorhies
John White — Dave Edmark
Jeff Long — Charlie Alison
Mob Men — Francisco Ayala, Larry Burge, Richard Dean Prudenti

“Last Stage to Lowell”
All aboard!

Cowboy — Greg Harton
Cowgirl — Kim Martin
Ray Dotson — Flip Putthoff
Horse — Brett Bennett
Passengers — Pamela Acosta, Francisco Ayala, Brenda Blagg, Jessica Burk, Gina King, Brooke McNeely, Steve Schmidt, Katherine Shurlds, Sarah Warnock, Laurie Whalen

“Crystal Bridges Art Heist” ♫
It’s in the eye of the beholder

Larry — Richard Massey
Millie — Stacey Roberts

“High School Musical: The Gridiron” ♫
Everybody’s doing it — why shouldn’t we?

Drama Teacher — Debbie Miller
Springdale Football Players — Charlie Alison, Brett Bennett, Kevin Kinder, Flip Putthoff
Winslow Squirrels — Dave Edmark, Richard Massey, Steve Voorhies
Gravette Girl — Brooke McNeely
Bella Vista Kids — Hillary Alley, Antoinette Grajeda, Rachel Marlow
Fayetteville Students — Steve Schmidt, Justin Stewart, Sarah Warnock, Laurie Whalen
Rogers School Board — Stacey Roberts, Katherine Shurlds, Rusty Turner
High School Teachers — Brenda Blagg, Greg Harton, Gina King
Arkansas Teachers — Pamela Acosta, Jessica Burk, Richard Dean Prudenti, Francisco Ayala, Kim Martin


Act 2

“Timely News Update”
All the news we could read from our iPhone

Newsman – Dave Edmark
Newswoman — Stacey Roberts
Dr. Red Neck — Steve Voorhies

“Blogging Redux”
If only her batteries hold up

Blogger — Debbie Miller (voice: Laurie Whalen)

“It’s a Wonderful Loan”
It’s ZuZu’s mortgage!

George Bailey — Kevin Kinder
Clarence — Charlie Alison
Ma Bailey — Brenda Blagg
Violet — Gina King
Mary Bailey — Sarah Warnock

“A Boozman Ballad” ♫
All alone is he

Boozman — Greg Harton

“Are You Smarter Than a Legislator”
You might be an Arkansas legislator if …

Host — Brett Bennett
Mrs. Dave — Laurie Whalen
Lindsley Smith — Katherine Shurlds
Dave Bisbee — Dave Edmark
Marilyn Edwards — Gina King
Kim Hendren — Rusty Turner
Donna Hutchinson — Debbie Miller
Kevin Anderson — Flip Putthoff

“Smirk” ♫
A dip in the polls

George Bush — Charlie Alison
Dana Peroni — Jessica Burk
Reporters — Pamela Acosta, Flip Putthoff, Steve Schmidt, Sarah Warnock

“Capitol Hill Tango” ♫
It’s “rein-in'” men!

Democratic Divas — Kim Martin, Stacey Roberts, Katherine Shurlds, Laurie Whalen
Announcer — Steve Schmidt
Police Girls — Hillary Alley, Antoinette Grajeda, Rachel Marlow, Brooke McNeely
Republicans — Francisco Ayala, Greg Harton, Kevin Kinder, Justin Stewart, Steve Voorhies
GWB — Charlie Alison

“It’s Completely Natural”
Wizzy meets the media

Wizzy Waterfall — Richard Massey
Naturals PR Person — Pamela Acosta
Reporters — Brett Bennett, Kevin Kinder, Steve Schmidt

“Elmer for VP”
The Stufflebeams consider a race

Letitia Mae Stufflebeam — Brenda Blagg
Elmer Stufflebeam — Rusty Garrett

“Oh, Dana Boy” ♫
Creighton’s glad to see ya’

Creighton A.D. — Rusty Turner

“All the Presidential Men (and Hillary)” ♫
You’d think there was an election coming up

Barack Obama — Justin Stewart
Hillary Clinton — Katherine Shurlds
Rudy Guilliani — Flip Putthoff
Reporter — Sarah Warnock
John McCain — Steve Schmidt
Campaign Manager — Debbie Miller
Mitt Romney — Richard Dean Prudenti
Campaign Manager — Kevin Kinder
John Edwards — Richard Massey
Hairdresser — Jessica Burk
Fred Thompson — Rusty Turner
Reporter — Brett Bennett
Mike Huckabee — Greg Harton
Floor Manager — Dave Edmark
Wolf Blitzer — Steve Voorhies
Bill Richardson — Francisco Ayala
Press — Pamela Acosta, Charlie Alison, Hillary Alley, Brenda Blagg, Antoinette Grajeda, Gina King, Rachel Marlow, Kim Martin, Brooke McNeely, Stacey Roberts, Laurie Whalen

“Now It’s Over” ♫
We’re outta here…

The whole cast and caboodle